Paper in the age of digitization

How does the digitization affect our world? How to establish an inspirational relationship between the tangible and the virtual? How significant will paper be, the ancient culture bearer, in our time?

In order to find answers to these questions, Arctic Paper will award three scholarships in the summer months (July, August, and September) of the year 2013. The scholarships will be awarded to artists and creatives of all artistic disciplines focusing on the topic of paper.

In the Munken Works Space – a Pop-Up Atelier in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg quarter, designed specifically for the scholarship – three selected artists may live and work untroubled for four weeks.

During this time they will have the opportunity to take an individual inventory with regard to the tension of “Analogue and Digital”. Their results will be displayed to the public on paper, in blogs, and in exhibitions.

“Paper is an incredibly underrated product, because we’re taking it for granted. Produced from renewable resources, its crucial advantage is that the memories it creates are more sustainable, last but not least due to its haptic nature. Even if we are not consciously aware, we touch paper, and we feel it – a decisive insight with regard to the digital/analog process”, says Arctic Paper Sales & Marketing Director Wolfgang Luebbert.

Munken by Arctic Paper